Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grand Marais Plein Air Competition

North Shore is my favorite place to paint in MN -- fresh air, ever changing Lake Superior, lots of plein air painters, and no mosquitoes. 1. Tried a new technique with A Superior Tree. For three mornings started painting at 6:30 AM for about 90 minutes to get desired light. It placed 2nd in the Oil & Acrylic Class for this week's plein air event. 2. Three Fish Houses were on the historical list, but now there are only two. The third met its fate when a truck's breaks failed as it came hurling down the hill towards the fish site. A new light wooden structure stands is its place. 3. The Dinghy was painted during the 90 minute quick paint. 4. The actual dinghy can be seen in the background where I am cleaning up after the event in the Grand Marais harbor.

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